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24 Dreaming Moments: Preludes of Scriabin

A new vision on this unique composer, offering a personal perspective based on years of studying and performing his preludes as well as completing a doctoral thesis at the University of Maryland. 


Solo Beethoven

A program featuring four of the greatest sonatas of the German genius: the Pathetique, Pastoral, Tempest and Appassionata sonatas. 


A Journey to Argentina: Alberto Ginastera

Life and piano works by the Argentinean composer, his influences and connection to popular music, its instruments, dances and rhythms.                     


Franz Liszt:

The Poet 

A journey through the most contemplative side of the Hungarian composer, his works and personal idiosyncrasy, as well as his impact on the piano world throughout history. 


Music in the Movies: OST on Piano

Original works as well as arrangements for piano, some of them by Daniel Pereira, and their impact on the big screen. 


Piano Iberoamericano

Works by Cuban, Brazilian and Argentinean composers such as Lecuona, Cervantes, Villa-lobos, Ginastera and Piazzolla performed by pianist Daniel Pereira. 



The Russian School

of Piano 

An in-depth study of one of the most important piano traditions in history, its beginnings, historical context, development, pedagogues, writings and recordings.


The Schools

and Piano Playing

An analysis of the most relevant piano traditions since the beginning of the piano throughout its pianists, pedagogues, recordings and approaches. 


Great Pianists

of All Time

A perspective of the great pianists in history throughout their recordings, videos, masterclasses, writings and interviews.  


How to practice piano effectively 

A workshop on how to optimise the practicing time, developing good habits, both physical and mental. 


Music and


A workshop designed by professor Daniel Pereira for teachers and students alike who wish to learn music terminology in English in all its aspects: theory, history, musicology and piano lesson.

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