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Tomorrow: Piano Traditions launch!

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Piano Traditions Through Their Genealogy Trees

200 Piano Traditions.

Over 2,000 Pianists.

After 15-plus years of research, I am thrilled to announce that the first installment of my research on Piano Traditions and on the Genealogy of the Piano is ready to be published by tomorrow, February 4h, 2021.

The one-of-a-kind institution, the International Piano Archives at Maryland (IPAM) will publish, digitally and on a monthly basis, a few Piano Traditions, which will consist of Genealogy Trees and Biographical Articles. Access is free for everyone interested.

This project was born just out of my profound curiosity for the universal piano connections since the beginning of the history of the piano. In the process, I found fascinating pianists and teachers and discovered their astonishing achievements as performers, composers and pedagogues.

The first two items to be published are the Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and the Franz Liszt Piano Traditions. Although C.P.E. Bach was a transitional composer who wrote many works for either the harpsichord or the pianoforte, he is undoubtedly worth including in the project since his Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments was of paramount importance in describing the piano as a new and distinct instrument in the mid-eighteenth century. On the other hand, Franz Liszt was among the first true and modern piano virtuosi of all time and a pioneer of the recital format, as well as a composer and conductor. He taught hundreds of students from many different countries. After these two traditions, many more will come!

Publishing will start on February 5th, 2020.

Starting March 2021, the Spanish music magazine Melómano will also start publishing the project in Spanish via its online platform Melómano Digital.

Hope you enjoy this work and discover interesting piano connections along the way.

Feel free to make any comments

Until next time and thank you for reading.


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